Those compression garments!

We know that compression garments can be aggravating. Doctor prescribes them for you and then wonder why you are not wearing them. Let me guess why.

1. To hard or impossible to put on.

2. They hurt, cutting in at the ankle.

3. They hurt, cutting in at the top edge.

4. They hurt the toes. 

5. The swelling comes back even when the stockings are on.

6. To hard or impossible to take off.

I can't blame you for not wearing them. I wouldn't eather under those conditions. We have fitted patients for compression garments for over 6 years now. I can't say that we get it right on the first try everytime but most of our patients end up wearing their compression stockings and are able to put them on and take them off. 

So what do we do different?

First of all. Take care of the edema first. There is no point trying to squeeze an edematous limb in a compression garment. That is probably the most common problem with compression garment fitting. Sizing is crucial. If the limb changes in size during the day, then it is impossible to pick a correct size. Often patients are fitted for garments when the limb is swollen, resulting in the wrong size. 

Use a brand that has many sizing options. If there are only 4 different sizes, it is like bying a lottery ticket. It takes a lot of luck for one of those to fit you. We use the big brands Medi, Juzo, Jobst and Sigvaris. They offer sizing charts with 20-30 different options to get the best possible fit. 

Go custom. When a ready made garment does not work it may be necessary to custom fit. It does cost more but you can't beat a custom fit. Medi custom alows you to return the garment as many times as you need to until it works right within 30 days. 

Find alternatives.  When regular elastic compression garments are not an option there are alternativs. We use Circ-aid products and Farrow wraps. They are adjustable compression leggings that are made with Velcro closure straps. 

Learn how to put them on and take them off. We spend as much time as we need to to train our patients or caregivers in putting on and taking off compression garments. We have just about every invention made for putting on compression garments available in the office. Our patients can try them in the office and borrow them home to find out what will work best. You can see more about theese devices at our other website 

What if you live far from our clinic and can not come in?

We can schedule a phone consultation. Call 1-855-287-1419

Click here to learn more about long distance fitting of compression garments. 







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